The ideal time to photograph newborn babies is in the first 10 days in order to achieve those ever so cute poses. Baby acne tends to flare up after this, they are more alert and do not curl up so easily. Although you might feel a little tired, this early session will be worth it when you receive your priceless piece of art.

I will pencil in a session after your due date and am very flexible to accommodate you once your baby is born.

My newborn images are best taken without clothes so that I can capture their delicate features, new skin, ickle fingers and toes. Nappies tend to leave lines on your babies skin so I ask that you keep them loose before and during the session. The studio will be kept nice and warm throughout your session.

Sessions take a very relaxed and easy pace allowing for lots of cuddles, feeding and nappy changes. Newborn sessions generally last for 3-4 hours.

Sue Willis Photography